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Don’t let another day go by without taking a bold step towards your dreams. F3 is an active community of thinkers, learners and doers. We tell it like it is because we’ve learned from what it was. We are dedicated to holistically transforming the mind and body while empowering you to:

    Be confident and self assured.
    Live in the moment while creating your future.
    Be your minds master.
    Embrace your beauty.
    Live Fit, Fabulous and Free.





Do you feel like life has forced you to lose sight of your hopes and dreams? At F3, we encourage you to pause and consider the importance of every moment. We’ve created a space that celebrates living in the now while actively participating in creating the future. Previous situations, circumstances, and relationships all assist in shaping our views of self. To truly evoke change, we must discover our purpose for today by reimagining tomorrow. With God as our guide, we will be free to re-discover and fully embrace our dreams of being Fit, Fabulous, and Free.



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The journey to Fit Fabulous and Free is about connecting belief to your possibilities. If we believe the first step is possible… and we take it, we are in position to believe the second, third and others are possible. From the simple – and sometimes tough – steps of the journey come the change we desire and deserve. Join me and let’s walk together