Master Your Mind

Meditative African American Woman

Your thoughts dictate your words and ultimately shape your future. So don’t let random negative thoughts go unchecked. Acknowledge them. Then destroy them with truth.
Speak with the conviction of The Princess Bride character, Inigo Montoya, a man on a mission to avenge the death of his father: “I Am Cherita Andrews. Fear-of-failure, you have killed too many of my dreams. Prepare to die”.
Write your own declaration here:”
“I Am (insert your name)
Name the life altering culprit:, (fear, discouragement, poverty, complacency, mediocrity, etc)

You have stolen…
(what has the culprit stolen? Your dreams, healthy relationships, opportunity).

Prepare to die!
Then grab those lying negative thoughts by the throat, throw them to the ground, and stomp them with truth until there is no life left in them. Have no mercy! They must die. (I know that’s a little violent but you’re in a war for the life you want and deserve.)

▪ “You can’t do that.”
▪ “You’re not good enough.”
▪ “It didn’t work last time.”
▪ “Other people are better than you.”
▪ “You’re not worthy of that.”
▪ ”Something bad is going to happen.”

How do you challenge negative thoughts and negative self-talk? You think and speak life and truth in their place.

“When God wanted the present to end and the future to begin, He spoke. He has breathed that same creative power into you. The universe is listening for your commands. Ask, and you shall receive.”
Speaking life quiets your cynical inner critic.
These extraordinary life-loving words and phrases galvanize my soul. Use them or create your own empowering confessions.

I am confident and secure, bold and courageous. Every challenge I face today, I will overcome. I win because of the power in me. Jesus Christ. I have the Victory.
I believe in myself
I love me.
I am enough
Every part of me is Beautiful
I am worthy of real, genuine love
I am completely loved
I am more valuable than anything on this earth
I am proud of myself
I am amazing
I matter
I have the power to change my life
I can do anything I set my mind to
Nothing is impossible with God
Everything I need is already in me
I have the strength to overcome any challenge
I am brave.
I forgive myself
I move forward even when I’m afraid.
I have control over my thoughts, actions & feelings
Love is the root of all my choices
I am unstoppable because I believe
“As we think, we shall be!”

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