The journey to Fit Fabulous and Free is about connecting belief to your possibilities. If we believe the first step is possible… and we take it, we are in position to believe the second, third and others are possible. From the simple – and sometimes tough – steps of the journey come the change we desire and deserve.

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Walk & Talk

If we believe the first step is possible and we take it, we are in position to believe the the many that follow Join me and let’s walk and talk together. It’s about connecting belief to your possibilities. For details on upcoming F3 Walk & Talks in your area, and how to request group or personalized sessions send us a message.

Using “What I Believe” as our focus, the F3 Walk & Talk Experience combines the principles of “Get Moving” with T.O.U.C.H. (Talking Openly Unashamed Causes Healing). As we walk together to get our blood flowing, we’ll talk about what we believe and how it shapes our future. You’ll also be given exclusive access to the private F3 What I Believe Facebook group. This is a group of exceptional women who are committed to exploring life together and supporting one another on the journey to Fit, Fabulous & Free. Let’s do this together! Contact Us


Eat Well & Get Moving

The F3 Eat Well, Get Moving Fitness Guide gives you the foundation for living a healthy, active lifestyle. Based on scientific principles and real-life evidence, these guidelines will help you take the first steps to live “Fit For The Journey.” It’s our gift to you.
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The 21 Day F3 Experience

The F3 Experience is for women who desire to detox, lose weight and build practices that strengthen and propel them into living a healthy purposeful life. It is customized to address the wellness challenges that you’re facing today.

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  • 4 Virtual Accountability Sessions
  • All materials for our 21 day approach to revitalizing You
  • All Detox & Wellness Herbs

Price: $100.


What I Believe

My story is not your story. My dreams are not yours but every story, every dream deserves life. Simplicity is the key and What you believe is the driving force. This simple pocket vision board and meditation guide is the seed to helping you achieve your personal goals.
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F3 is Committed To Empowering One Million Women To Live Fit, Fabulous & Free.

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