Living In The Moment

When is the last time something beautiful stopped you in your tracks? What did you see, hear or feel? Don’t remember? You’re not alone. Appreciating the beauty that surrounds us has become more and more difficult. Something or someone is always competing for our attention. That’s why we have to be intentional about living in the moment.

This week on the F3 Walk & Talk we stopped. We listened. We looked. And we felt. We heard the majesty of ringing church bells, saw a flower growing through a crack in the concrete and felt the texture of the bark on a stately tree. We were enchanted by the symphony of chirping birds, wind, footsteps and our own breath.  We accepted unconditional love in smiles and a “Hello Queen” greeting.

Simple beauty, wherever we are, quiets the soul and opens the spirit.  Will you take a moment to appreciate, savor and find joy in what’s right around you?  It can be a quiet force that moves you in a great direction.

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. – Confucius

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